Sculpt Your Abs and Prevent Injury with These 4 Moves

I’m guessing you don’t think about your balancing skills too often. You may think that being able to stand on one foot isn’t really that big a deal, but balance is important.

Balance helps prevent injury, especially as we get older. We often take our ability to stand upright for granted and don’t give it much thought until we get hurt. But tripping, missing a step, or landing on your face while trying a new dance move are all more likely if you don’t have good balance.

Not really worried about getting injured? What if I told you that exercises that improve your balance also help sculpt your abs? It’s true! When you perform exercises that throw your balance off, you need to use your abdominal muscles to prevent yourself from falling over. So do the balance moves for your abs, then.

The video below walks you through four exercises to improve your balance and tone your abs.

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