Banish 7 of your all-time favorite excuses for skipping a workout

#1  I’m too tired.

    • When you’re feeling tired, commit to moving for just five minutes. Go for a walk. Do some jumping jacks, push-ups, bicycle crunches, squats… anything that gets your body moving. If you feel like doing more, that’s great! If not, you should still get a little energy boost from your five minutes in motion.

#2 I don’t have enough time.

    • Again, commit to just five minutes. If you consistently don’t have enough time, do your best to plan ahead. Make the most of your workouts so you can start and finish as quickly as possible. You can accomplish a lot in 20–30 minutes. You probably spend longer than that thinking about how you don’t have enough time!

#3 I have kids and no one can watch them while I work out.

    • Get your kids involved. Invite them to work out with you at home. If they’re still in a playpen, let them watch you work out. They’ll love watching you bounce around, and you’re setting a great example.

#4 I just don’t feel like it.

    • Do you feel like going to work in the morning? If it’s important to you, remind yourself that you don’t need to feel like it. Remind yourself of your goals and just do it.

#5 I work odd hours.

    • Plan your workouts around your schedule. If it’s dark when you go to work, work out at home or try to squeeze in a workout on your lunch break. This works for weather issues, too. It’s easy to get a full-body workout almost anywhere: jumping jacks, push-ups, plank, squats, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, done!

#6 I never see any results, so I don’t see the point.

    • If you’ve been exercising for less than a month, give yourself some time. If it’s been longer, take a look at what’s going in your mouth. Start writing down everything you eat and make sure you’re not undoing all your hard work. If you’re eating well and still not seeing results, switch up your workouts. Your body will adapt if you do the same workouts for too long and you’ll stop seeing results.

#7 I’m traveling.

  • If you’re a woman, pack a sports bra. If you like wearing sneakers when you work out, pack those too. If they don’t fit in your suitcase, don’t worry about it! And, even if you normally work out in the evenings, try to get in your workout first thing in the morning. When you’re traveling, things come up. Get your workout done right away and then get on with your day.

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