Corporate Wellness Program


Fast Fitness to Go was founded by Shay de Silva, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, to help busy professionals stay fit and healthy. Her corporate wellness program is geared toward companies who understand the value of having happy and healthy employees.

3 Ways Fast Fitness to Go Can Help Your Company

  • Increase productivity: According to a study done by Dr. Jim McKenna, a professor of physical activity and health at Leeds Metropolitan University in the U.K., employees who exercised showed improved time management skills, mental performance and ability to meet deadlines. The amount of the overall performance boost was about 15 percent.
  • Decrease employee sick time: According to a study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, employees who exercise at least once per week as part of an employee fitness program average nearly five fewer sick days per year.
  • Reduce healthcare costs: On average, the cost of healthcare claims for IBM employees who exercise 1 to 2 times a week are $350 a year less than those who don’t exercise at all. (, March 2006)

What will employees get?

  • A digital welcome packet that includes meal and snack ideas, techniques for making exercise a fun habit, and tips for getting started with the workout videos as soon as they sign up.
  • 3 brand-­‐new workout videos (2 strength/cardio combo videos and 1 cardio-­‐only video) delivered to their email inbox every 28 days.
    • Each video is 25 minutes or less and requires no weights or other equipment, so the workouts can be done anytime, anywhere.
    • Fast Fitness to Go Workouts:
      • Feature exercises that combine cardio and upper body/lower body/abdominal strength training
      • Require no equipment: no chair, no weights, no resistance bands
      • Are challenging, but the exercises are easy to follow
      • Are all different, so boredom is never an issue
      • Were created by a NASM Certified Personal Trainer
      • Are filmed in a variety of locations, so there’s always something new to see
      • Don’t require Internet access (once the videos are downloaded)

To learn more, contact Shay de Silva at 717­‐802­‐6726 or