Do you have too many food rules?

Nutrition-Cover-smEvery time we come across a new article about food and nutrition, we have a tendency to create hard rules in our head.
While it’s great to be informed, it’s also important to be flexible. You don’t need to follow everyone else’s rules. You don’t even need to follow your own rules 100% of the time.

I’ve been following Holli Thompson, a local health and food blogger here in the Washington, DC area, for several years now. Her recipes are simple, delicious, and filled with veggies. I was thrilled when she agreed to let me interview her new book, Discover Your Nutritional Style. Here are the highlights of our discussion:

  • Be flexible! Just because you consider yourself to be vegan, doesn’t mean you should feel guilty if animal flesh occasionally passes through your lips. We all need food live. What you put in your mouth should make you feel good, so try to stop labeling all the rules.
  • Variety is key. Our bodies are programmed to crave new foods seasonally (think apples in the fall and root vegetables in winter). Pay attention to your local farmers. If they’re selling it, it’s likely in season. Try to add one new ingredient to your menu each week. If you usually have spinach on hand for salads, try swiss chard or kale next week. If apples are your go-to fruit, try mangos. No need to overhaul your entire diet every single week. One new food is totally doable.
  • Don’t do too much too fast. Work on finding a few healthy breakfasts that you enjoy. Then move on to lunch, then dinner. Holli made my day when she suggested this. I’m in the process of creating a new three-week program that will walk you though this process step-by-step; so keep an eye on your inbox over the coming weeks!
  • We each make a conscious choice every day about what we put into our bodies. If you know you feel tired and cranky after too much sugar, make a conscious decision to either eat it and accept the consequences or eat something else instead. We’re in control of how we treat our bodies. Focus on how you want to feel, not just on how you want to look. It makes a big difference.

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