21 Days to Healthy

Imagine waking up with tons of energy and keeping that energy all day long. Now imagine having a personal trainer and nutrition specialist walk you through the process step-by-step in just 21 days.

That’s exactly what I’m going to do for you in this online course. This is not a cleanse or diet. This is getting back to basics and eating the nutrients your body needs to feel and look its best.

We will be doing a cleanse (high-fiber, five-day cleanse) together called “The Fabulous Five Program.”  The program starts with a 5 day jump-start phase called RESET and then continues with 27 days of the Transform or Maintain phase. This program is recommended by Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of New York Time’s Bestsellers Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause.

Julia Roberts used this program to slim down for her roll in the film Mirror, Mirror and Brooke Burke uses the nutritional smoothies included in the program to fuel up before hosting Dancing With The Stars. Good company, eh?

Most people lose 4-5 pounds in the first 5 days and 5-15 pounds in the next 27 days. Their confidence increases, their jeans fit better, they sleep better, their skin clears up, their moods are more stable, and they feel like rock stars.

Svelte, healthy rock stars, that is.

Here’s what you get:

  • daily support emails to guide you through the first 5 days
  • the 5 day high-fiber, low glycemic RESET cleanse kit
  • a blender bottle
  • a 28-day supply of the #1 rated multi-vitamin in North America
  • a 28-day supply of the #1 rated fish oil supplement in North America
  • a total of 42 meal replacement nutritional smoothies and 38 snack bars
  • 5 weeks of ongoing support, education, and eye-opening content to guide you on your fabulous, healthy journey

We’re talking 5 weeks to your fabulous bod and feeling totally energized. Awesome, right?

A few other benefits of the program are:

  • saving money on your grocery bill
  • shopping lists, recipes and meal plans to help you implement the low-glycemic eating plan into your life with ease
  • resources to teach you the most common diet, health, and weight-loss myths and the truth that will help you stay svelte, fabulous, and healthy for life
  • ongoing support from our Fabulous Five group leaders and your fellow participants
  • education on the emotional aspects of food and nutrition and how to navigate these potentially tumultuous waters with ease

The cost of the program is $359.  AND it comes directly to your house!!

How to participate:

We’ve found that success rates increase when you do the program with a spouse or friend, so send this along to someone in your life who you’d like to get fabulous with!  

We can tailor the program to meet your individual scheduling needs – just let us know when you want to begin and we’ll send you a recorded kick-off call and provide you with amazing email support when you designate!  You don’t have to be part of the scheduled group to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

Questions? Read through the FAQ’s below.


Who can do this program?

Everyone! As long as you’re 18 and up you can join. The whole program is done over the phone and online so your location doesn’t matter either. Anyone in the US, Canada, and Mexico can slim down with us. (Prices will vary in Canada and Mexico so email me for details.)

Who is this program best for?

You, if you’re someone who wants to finally learn the healthy way to burn fat, eat for longevity, and stay at your ideal weight without dieting. People tend to have more success when they do the program with someone else, so enroll your significant other, business partner, or girlfriend with you for added fun and better results.

Will this program break the bank?

No. Actually, most participants find that they save money on their grocery and food bills during the program. You’re getting 42 really nutritious, very yummy smoothies and 38 convenient, delicious nutrition bars in the cost of the program. Prepare to slim down AND save money.

I’m busy makin’ things happen!  Will this become a burden on my to do list?

No way. I’m a busy person too and I’ve designed the program with people like us in mind. Many participants find they actually save time on grocery shopping and food prep so you can use those precious hours to do focus on your business if that’s your pleasure. The products won’t have you running to the bathroom all day or needing to rest all day due to exhaustion so you can carry on with business as usual.

Is this an “all liquid” cleanse diet?

No way.  I wouldn’t do that to myself and I’m certainly not going to do that to you!  Generally speaking, liquid cleanses slow down your metabolism, not to mention make it difficult to go about your daily routine. This program has you eating 5 times a day so that you’re totally satisfied and energized.

I have more than 15 lbs. to lose.  Is this the program to help me do it?

You bet!  I’ve worked with people who have more than 70lbs to lose and have done so successfully working with the products and the concepts we teach in this program.  We can adapt the program to you if your goal is to lose more than 12-15 lbs. I’ve had participants not lose any weight (if they didn’t want to) and had people lose as much as 75lbs (slowly, over the course of more than year of course.)

What you’ll do is continue with two smoothies per day after the first five days as you melt off the pounds you want to lose. Just let me know if you’d like to lose more than 12-15lbs. You’ll get 28 more meals for only $90!

Am I going to feel hungry all the time on this program?

Not at all. This program is designed to keep you satiated all day long. We’ll teach you how your body works so that you can manage your hunger and get rid of your cravings…finally! All of the smoothies and nutrition bars have the perfect combination of protein, healthy fats, and low glycemic carbohydrates so you’ll feel full, keep your energy up throughout the day, and still manage to lose weight.

Are the products you use healthy?

Yes.  Each of the nutrition smoothies and bars are guaranteed to not spike your blood sugar. The ingredients are natural and they contain no artificial colorings or sweeteners or trans fats. Each smoothie and bar has less sugar than an apple. I also chose the highest rated vitamins in North America for the program so your cells will be very happy as they get their micronutrients.

I prefer not to eat gluten.  Can I do this program?

Yes.  The miniscule amount of wheat bran in the products is added for fiber and is found to be totally tolerable by most people who are gluten intolerant. For those with celiac disease or those who prefer gluten-free, we do have an option for you and please simply indicate that when you register.

Are there any artificial sweeteners in the products?

No. There are no artificial flavorings, sweeteners, or colors in any of the products.

I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian (I eat no meat or meat bi-products but I do eat dairy, cheese and eggs). Can I be successful on this program?

Yes. The products used in the detox and the meal replacement products are lacto-ovo friendly.


When you sign up for The Fabulous Five Program, you’ll also get the first month of Fast Fitness to Go’s Personal Trainer to Go.

If you’re tired of:

  1. DVDs (or online workouts) that require you to always have equipment on hand
  2. Doing the same workouts over and over and over
  3. Being told that you need to work out out for 60+ minutes a day if you want to see results

…then this is the program for you!

Fast Fitness to Go was created with you in mind – a fast, fun, comprehensive workout program that leads to MAJOR results.

Here’s what you get:

Three 25-minute videos (2 strength/cardio combo videos and 1 cardio-only video) to download to your computer. You won’t need to worry next time you’re swamped with life and work or you’re on the road: you’ll have exactly what you need for a quick + effective workout.

Fast Fitness to Go Workouts:

  • Feature exercises that combine cardio + upper body/lower body/abdominal strength training
  • Require no equipment: no chair, no weights, no resistance bands—nothing but yourself
  • Are intense (you’ll definitely get a powerful workout!), but the exercises are easy to follow
  • Are all different, so you’ll never get bored
  • Have no complicated moves or techniques
  • Were created by me, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Are about 25 minutes long and filmed in a variety of locations, from Washington, D.C., to Costa Rica and beyond
  • Don’t require internet access to work out (once you’ve downloaded the videos)

How do you want to look and feel 28 days from today? Get fit. Feel great. Get started. Today.

If the register now button isn’t working, here’s the direct link to our registration page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dER2VVpnR3hCT3phSTVwUUNYSmNtRHc6MQ