Fall Shape-Up Guide

Fall Shape-Up GuideIt’s hard to believe summer is almost over here in the northern hemisphere. While summer vacations are lots of fun, they also tend to involve a bit too much food and a not quite enough exercise. Fall is the perfect time to recommit to your health and fitness goals. You have three months until the next big food holiday (Thanksgiving here in the US), so take the time to focus on yourself.

Despite the days slowly getting shorter, I love fall. The temperature starts to drop and long walks outside are the perfect way to relax while getting in some extra exercise. I always think summer will be relaxing and nothing but fun in the sun. However, more often than not, the heat makes me crave air conditioning and all the travel, while fun, leaves me feeling a tad lethargic. So today I’d like to share the plan I created for myself to make fall the season for recommitting to my own health goals. Feel free to try it yourself or use it as a guide to create your own plan.

  • Meditate for five minutes three times each week. Whenever I try to meditate, I tend to set big goals. I decide that I’m going to meditate for 20 minutes every single day. While I often tell clients who are new to exercise to start small, I often struggle with this concept myself. So I’m going to give starting small an honest effort. Five minutes three times each week to focus on just breathing.
  • Eat ten servings of produce each day. I feel amazing when I eat fruits and veggies, and I generally eat them frequently. Over the last few weeks though, I’ve been traveling a lot and not eating as much healthy stuff as I’d like. Ten servings might sound like a lot, but it’s totally doable. One serving is anywhere from ½ to 1 cup. Don’t worry about getting exact measurements. Just keep a note in your phone or a scrap piece of paper in your pocket and give yourself a star for every serving you eat. A big salad can easily get you at least half of your servings!
  • Exercise six days each week. I’ll admit that I’m pretty good with this one, but I definitely have days when I’m just not in the mood. I find that those days are usually the days when I need to exercise the most. Remembering to be nice to yourself on those days is key. I’ll put in one of my workout videos and allow myself to do the modifications and go a little slower than usual. I have yet to regret doing a workout.
  • Get outside for at least 15 minutes every morning. This can be a walk or just sitting on a bench outside. Fresh air is good for all of us. It’s easy to get stuck at your computer for hours on end before realizing that you’re tired, cranky, and have no idea what fresh air even feels like.

Make sure you put things on your plan that you actually want to do. Reading your list should make you smile and feel happy, not overwhelmed. If any of your items make you cringe, take them off your list. There are plenty of ways to improve your health. There’s bound to be a few that you’ll enjoy. Send me an email if you’re having trouble.

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