How is Fast Fitness to Go different from other exercise videos?

Once you sign up, you’ll be receiving workouts that are short, but intense. You’ll move quickly from one exercise to the next, which will increase your heart rate and keep it elevated throughout the entire workout. This makes the workout more effective so you can get a complete workout in a shorter period of time.

How should I get started with the Fast Fitness to Go videos?

A lot of workout videos stop between exercises to explain the move before actually doing the move. In Fast Fitness to Go, you’ll move quickly from one move to the next, so it’s recommended that you watch the videos before doing the workouts so you’ll know what to expect. The exercises aren’t complicated; once you’ve watched the video a couple of times, you won’t need any directions. Since the workouts are quick, you may choose to warm up a few extra minutes before or cool down a bit longer at the end.

Are the videos appropriate for beginners or more advanced exercisers?

The videos are meant for exercisers of all levels. The exercises are simple to follow, with modifications offered for a variety of levels. So whether you want to do low impact or high impact, you’ll be able to follow along. For example, you can always eliminate the jumping and just do a low impact version of the move. Feel free to go as slow or as fast as you’d like. These exercises should make you feel great!

How often should I use the Fast Fitness to Go videos?

You’ll be receiving three videos per month, each containing a different workout. It’s recommended that you do each video once a week, for a total of three workouts per week, but feel free to do them more frequently if you’d like.

Can I stop the video to take a break or get a drink of water?

Yes, by all means do! The workouts can get intense, so don’t get upset with yourself if you need to press pause once in awhile to take a break and catch your breath. Staying hydrated is important, so stopping for a water break is also recommended.

Do the videos have music?

No. Because everyone has different tastes in music, we recommend turning on your iPod and playing your favorite songs. Music is great way to stay energized, but only if you like the music!