Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Foods

healthy alternativesWe all have favorite foods that we know aren’t all that healthy, but we just love them! Don’t worry. I’m not going to suggest you stop eating your favorite foods. I am, however, going to suggest that you start making healthy substitutions more often. You might even find that the alternatives are just as delicious as the real thing.

  • If you love pasta, try spiralized veggies or shirataki noodles. When you put zucchini or squash through a spiralizer, it comes out looking just like pasta. You can even do a mix of the veggies and shirataki noodles to get a variety of textures. Mix with your favorite pasta sauce and toppings, and you’re all set.
  • If you love fruity candy, try That’s It bars or dried fruit. I really like That’s It bars because they contain nothing but an apple and one other type of fruit. Their mango bars, for example, contain apple and mango—that’s it! Dried fruit is another good stand in for candy, but pay attention to portion sizes because the calories can really add up.
  • If you love pizza, make your own. Instead of using a normal crust, get in some extra veggies by using a portobello mushroom for your crust.
  • If you love ground beef, try using buffalo or ground turkey breast instead. They’re both lower in fat and calories. Mixed in chopped mushrooms for an added veggie and flavor boost.
  • If you love potato chips, try these crispy peas. I came across these in the grocery store a few weeks ago, and I’m addicted. They’re delicious!

Try to make one healthy substitute each week, and before you know it you’ll be feeling and looking great!

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