Healthy Eating Series-Healthy Eating in Hotels

This is Part 4 in the Healthy Eating Series for busy traveling professionals. If you missed Part 1, 2, or 3 (Healthy Eating on the Highway, Healthy Eating During Client Dinners, and Healthy Eating While Networking), get them here, here, and here. This week’s focus is eating well when you’re staying in a hotel.

When we walk into a hotel, we often switch into a vacation mentality and decide we can eat whatever we want. When you start traveling frequently, however, that habit shows up on your waistline pretty quickly. Between room service and free breakfast buffets, how can anyone possibly stay on track while staying in hotels? Keep reading and I’ll teach you how to check out weighing the same—or even less—than when you checked in!

  • Don’t slack off on your exercise routine. Countless studies have shown that exercise carries over into other areas of your life—if you exercise,you’re also more likely to make healthy food choices.
  • Your best bet when ordering room service is a broth-based soup and a salad (dressing on the side). If you’re starving and you know that just won’t cut it, add some lean protein to the salad or choose a soup or salad starter and add a healthy entrée (grilled lean meat with a side of veggies is ideal).
  • When it’s time to head to the breakfast buffet, start with a plate of fruit. Then, if hard-boiled eggs are an option, grab two or three and you’re good to go. If not, or if you just really want something hot, take a small serving of scrambled eggs. No eggs on the buffet at all? Add some yogurt and a side of whole-grain toast to your fruit.

When you’re sizing up that breakfast buffet, remember that your next meal is only a few hours away. You don’t need to stock up for the week at one meal. If you’re worried that meetings will run long and you’ll have a rumbling tummy, take a small bag of almonds with you (17 almonds is approximately 100 calories and they’re delicious any time of the day or night). Knowing you have a backup will make it easier for you to make good choices and stop when you’re full.

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