How to Age Gracefully at Any Age

age gracefullyAging is one of those things that happens no matter what we do. Some of us worry about it constantly from the moment we hit 25 until the day we die. Others of us don’t even think about it until we wake up one morning and realize that we’re all out of energy and can barely walk ourselves up a flight of stairs. Neither scenario is doing us any favors.

The good news is that regardless of how we view aging, there are strategies we can adopt that will help us relax, and maintain our youthful energy and glow, well into our 90s and beyond. Let’s face it. People are living longer. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather hit 100 playing outside than stuck in bed. We obviously can’t control everything life throws our way, but we can certainly take action on a daily basis to make every day our best day yet.

Here are my favorite tips for aging gracefully. They apply whether you’re 15 or 115.

  • Move your body every single day. I have clients in their teens and clients in their 80s. Many of them were skeptical to start working out with me, but they’re now amazed by how much stronger and more energetic they are. And no, none of them are working out for an hour a day. Quite a few are just doing short daily walks and a few 20-30 minute exercise sessions each week. Anyone can move their body… including you!
  • Give your body lots of nutrients. It’s easy to get stuck in a sugar rut. It tastes great and gives us an instant boost of energy. However, it makes our bodies feel awful. Our bodies need a lot of nutrients to maintain healthy skin, healthy bones, and healthy minds. Try to get in at least two types of produce during each meal or snack. Your body will thank you. If you have trouble eating enough produce each day, be sure take a good multi-vitamin.
  • Get regular check-ups. If you only visit your doctor when something goes wrong, you’ll constantly be chasing your symptoms. I’m a big fan of prevention over treatment. If you treat yourself to annual visits to the doctor, you’ll prevent a lot of unnecessary pain. I never leave a check-up without scheduling my next visit. It’s much easier to keep up with appointments if the next one is always on my calendar.
  • Relax. Today will come and go whether you’re stressed, relaxed, happy, or sad. Taking time each day to do things you enjoy is a great way to stay happy and relaxed. There will always be things that come up that we have no control over and truly deserve to be stressed about. If you’re feeling stressed about something, take a deep breath and ask yourself to write down one action you can take to either improve the situation or to make yourself feel better about it. Now do that action!

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