Is optimism preventing you from reaching your goals?

optimismI always feel great after I create new goals for myself. Life just looks a little brighter when things are on paper. The possibilities seem endless.

While these are wonderful feelings to experience, we need to be sure that we don’t confuse these feelings of optimism with actual success. How many times have you committed to start a new meal planning system or workout program? You likely wrote down your goals and maybe even created a plan for achieving those goals. I’m guessing that plan started tomorrow. When tomorrow turned into today, maybe you started and maybe you didn’t. At some point though, you likely pushed things off until the next day.

So how do we make our optimism work for us instead of against us? While you’re still feeling excited about your goal, take one concrete action immediately. If your new meal plan includes extra vegetables, go eat a delicious veggie for a snack right away. Cut up a bell pepper or grab a carrot and start munching. If your goal is to start a new fitness routine but you don’t have time to do your first workout immediately, do a few squats or pushups. The point is to take action now. That first action is critical.

This process can be repeated anytime you get off track and find yourself falling into that “I’ll start over tomorrow” trap. Consistent action is key. Take a moment to think about your top goal. What can you do right now to get one step closer to that goal? Go do it!

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