Something You Probably Haven’t Done Since Recess That You Should Be Doing More Often

If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t hopped on one leg since recess in elementary school. That needs to change!

Doing anything on one leg instead of two improves your balance and helps prevent one side of your body from becoming stronger than the other side. Balance is important for decreasing your risk of injury by keeping you stable and preventing you from overdoing it on one side. Your stronger side will naturally compensate for your weaker side, often causing overuse injuries.

If fewer injuries isn’t enough motivation for hopping on the one-foot bandwagon, maybe getting in shape faster will encourage you. A recent Polish study found that doing plyometrics on one leg improves performance more quickly than doing them with both legs at the same time. Your muscles need to work harder when your center of gravity is unbalanced, so you get a better workout in less time.

Get started with these exercises:

  • Stand on one leg during a commercial. Switch legs when the next commercial starts. Alternate legs each commercial until your show is back on.
  • Hop on one foot 25 times, then switch to the other foot and hop 25 times. Repeat 3 times on each leg.
  • Jump onto your left foot, bringing your right foot behind your left knee. Then quickly jump onto your right foot, bringing your left foot behind your right knee. Repeat 25 times on each leg.

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