The Six O’Clock Scramble

scrambleDo you wish your family could sit down to a healthy, homemade dinner every night, but you find the process daunting? I know I used to always find myself digging through the refrigerator and cupboards around 6ish every night. I kept telling myself I would plan better next week, but it was a rare week when my meals were actually all planned out.

The Six O’Clock Scramble, created by my friend, cookbook author and busy mom Aviva Goldfarb, is a fantastic solution for busy people who want to get healthy dinners on the table but feel squeezed for time or out of ideas. The Scramble gives you a ready-made healthy dinner plan for the week, including easy recipes for main and side dishes and a grocery list, sent right to your inbox. All Scramble recipes take 30 minutes or less to prepare and are family tested and approved. Many of the recipes can be prepared ahead of time or are perfect for a slow cooker. I’ve been a Scramble member for quite some time now, and while all of the recipes are delicious, some of my favorite dinners have been Talapia with Garlic-Lime Sauce and Curried Red Lentil and Squash Soup. I hope you enjoy her program as much as I do!

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