Stay motivated with a long-distance workout buddy

workout buddyI’m a big believer in finding an internal source of motivation to exercise—lowering your cholesterol, having more energy, living a long and pain-free life, etc. However, we all have days when we’re just really not in the mood to work out. We know it will make us feel better and we know it’s good for us, but we’re stuck.

It’s times like these when a workout buddy can really come in handy. If you don’t have a local buddy you can call, don’t let that stop you! A few weeks ago, I was having a hard time motivating myself to work out, so I called my sister who lives in Florida and asked her if she was up for doing a workout with me. We both turned on the same workout video on our computers and used Face Time (you could also use Skype or Google Hangouts) on our iPads so we could see and talk to each other while we did our workout. You could just as easily open a second screen and do all this on one device.

Even if you’re not having a particularly challenging day, this can be a fun way to catch up with a friend or family member while squeezing in a workout. You could even connect with a different workout buddy each week. This way, you can spend time together without putting a big dent in your wallet or leaving the house. No need to choose between getting fit and staying connected!

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