Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 6.22.50 PM I just wanted to say, thank you! I am really proud of my progress; I bought two new dresses last week, have had to get smaller undies, am noticing my jeans are roomy, etc.   Most of all, I am proud of my new level of strength, getting through 30 military push ups is huge for me!  I have days where I get off track either with eating or with missing a workout, but I get right back on track.  I am learning to view my movement in a healthier direction as a whole, and not view the day or week as a failure.  If I lost no more “weight”, I wouldn’t be disappointed; my problem areas are slowly being sculpted by the muscles growing beneath the “padding”.

I only wish I had taken a pic at the beginning (the pic above was taken a few weeks into the program); I tend to build a bit of a spare-tire type padding on the back of my waist/above my butt…it is G O N E.–Abbie H. 



I’m finished with Week # 1 and may I just say that you are a genius! The 25-minute workout is foolproof because it is excuse-proof. No one can say they don’t have 25 minutes to exercise. Thank you so much for helping me get back into a regular workout routine. I really like the two workouts you’ve sent. (I haven’t tried the cardio yet, ’cause I’ve been walking and doing some running intervals.)

I also wanted to say how tremendously helpful the Habit Changer worksheet and the planner have been. The worksheet is so smart — it’s like an entire behavioral therapy course in three pages. I am trying a 9-7-11 plan: work out each day at 9 a.m.; don’t snack after 7 p.m. (on weeknights); and get to bed at 11 p.m. (also weeknights). These are three bad habits that I have needed to change, and your worksheet is giving me the tools to do it.

It’s great fun to check off the planner each day. I started wearing a pedometer on the same day I began your program, and I’m enjoying writing the number of steps on each day’s box.

Thank you so much for helping me snap out of my winter-y funk. And for giving me an approach to fitness that doesn’t require a gym or trainer or class.–Karen from NY