I have a confession to make.

Most people know me as a hybrid marketing consultant and business coach helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. My business requires me to travel quite a bit for work (and sometimes for play), but amidst this great travel I found my energy sagging. I pride myself on showing up 100% for client meetings, events, etc., but found that once the day was over –I was completely spent.

I realized that in order to serve my clients better, I needed to zap this energy problem at its core. After (not much) deliberation, I knew what the problem was. I simply wasn’t exercising enough. Between meetings, travel, phone calls, and endless to-do lists – it’s not easy finding time to hit the gym or finding the motivation to take a break and workout.

Every magazine, health book, and fitness guru will peddle the message that you have to exercise to get more energy. And they’re right. But does that really fix the problem that you have no time to workout? That you are easily bored with the same class or workout DVD? That you can barely squish all of your sexy heels into your suitcase much less a clunky pair of sneakers and hot yoga pants that you know you won’t use anyway?

And yes. We can schedule workouts in our calendar. Get up an hour earlier. Pump it out before bed. But, let’s be honest. These methods just don’t work for most of us.

So I searched. And searched. And searched. There had to be some solution. There had to be a quick and effective workout that I could do anytime, anywhere with no equipment that would seamlessly fit into my increasingly busy schedule.

I couldn’t find it.

So the business coach in me said, “make it!” So I did.

I’m so excited to announce Fast Fitness to Go!

Fast Fitness to Go Workouts:

  • Feature exercises that combine cardio + upper body/lower body/abdominal strength training
  • Require no equipment: no chair, no weights, no resistance bands—nothing but yourself
  • Are intense (you’ll definitely get a powerful workout!), but the exercises are easy to follow
  • Are all different, so you’ll never get bored
  • Have no complicated moves or techniques
  • Are about 25 minutes long and filmed in a variety of locations, from Washington, D.C., to Costa Rica and beyond
  • Don’t require internet access to work out (once you’ve downloaded the videos)

My goal is to make working out fast, fun, and effective. I want people to look forward to feeling calm and more fit after just 25 minutes of extremely focused exercise. Everything I do is concentrated on making getting and staying in shape fun and easy, so people can feel great and have an overall sense of well-being without spending hours in the gym.

Want more tips for enjoying your life while getting in amazing shape? Fast Fitness to Go’s membership area has everything you need—from motivation to nutrition to full-body workouts—to get tight and toned while still having a life. Click here to find out more and sign up!