What should you do when your body just won’t cooperate?

won't cooperateHave you ever gone through weeks, or even months, of just feeling awful? Maybe you have a constant stomachache or you’re constantly feeling exhausted. When we go through these periods, we often ask our bodies to give us the health and energy we crave. We feel frustrated when day after day is more of the same.

Our relationship with our body is very similar to our relationships with other people. If you’re constantly asking for favors and rarely go out of your way for others, you shouldn’t be surprised if no one ever wants to help you. Being generous is truly one of the best ways to get what you want in life. If someone is always supportive of you, aren’t you more likely to want to do nice things in return?

The same is true of your body. If you’re always throwing sugar at it and plopping it in front of the television every night, why should it want to make you feel good? Next time you’re not feeling well, take a moment to think of something nice you can do for your body. Eat a vegetable. Take a bath. Go to bed early. Do some stretches. Go for a walk.

Even better, treat your body the way you would treat your best friend—all day, every day. Being generous to your body on a daily basis will make it want to support you. Create a list of things you can do for your body and see how many you can check off each day. You can even turn this into a fun contest with a friend. Each morning, email your results from the previous day to one another. Whoever has the most checks at the end of the week gets to choose a treat from the other person. A massage, a home cooked meal, or a babysitter all sounds like good treats to me!

What’s on your list? Email me and let me know.

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